Spanish 2 Lesson plans 2017-2018

Ashlee Vititoe’s Spn 2 Lesson Plans
 el 27-1 de noviembre y diciembre
Unit 4 Preterit Tense

CSO’s/ F.L.O.LII:   3.02   2.01   3.02   2.01   3.01   1.11   4.05   1.08
Objectives (I can…) Yo puedo I can write and speak about activities I did in the past (last night, last weekend, last summer). I can describe what I did to help out at home last week. I can tell about things that happened in the past.
Teacher Goal:  90% Spanish spoken by the teacher for the class period. Specific Instructions given in English or Spanish.  
Goal for students: 50% of my Spanish II students will be able to read, and write at the Novice-High to Intermediate low range on the ACTFL Proficiency 2Scale by the end of the school year, and 50% of the Spanish II students will be able to speak on the novice-mid level of the ACTFL Proficiency Scale by the end of the school year.
Formative Assessments: Yo puedo… (I can…) use specific words and phrases to indicate events/that occurred at a specific time in the past.  I can describe specific events from the past.  I can ask questions about events in the past. I can write and speak about past events taken place at a specific time.   
Modificationsextra time on assessments, study guides given as handout for each unit’s vocabulary and Grammar, other various handouts given if lost, and suggested study techniques for each unit given, extra practice as online practice activities for at home practice.  If needed, in emergency situations, bathroom break given.
Lesson Plan Procedure:
Day 1   (el 27 de noviembre, lunes)
 BR: ¿Cuántos años tiene tu madre?  
¿Cómo está tu padre?  ¿Cómo es tu amiga mejor?
review ser and estar, possessive Adjectives,  use dry erase boards, and markers to review for the vocabulary words.

Day 2   (el 28 de noviembre, martes)  Sythesis/Analisa:
Bellringer:  Traducen la siguiente:  1. I played the piano last night  2. Pedro worked in the classroom yesterday. 3. My family and I spoke English at home last week. 4. The boys practiced basketball at 6:30 last Tuesday.
Quiz: on AR verbs from unit 4. 
exit ticket: write about a past event, Use the unit4 vocabulary verbs to help with the writing of this.  Practice only.
Day 3   (el 29 de noviembre, miércoles) Synthesis & Metacognitive activity:
Review for the ER/IR verb quiz:
Writing: Write about a past event that you spent with your family. Use the unit 4 Vocabulary words to write your paragraph in Spanish, you may use your notes, turn in at end of class for a grade.

Day 4   (el 30 de noviembre, jueves)
Field trip to see Coco: Disney movie
Writing assignment for homework as they got to go to the movie.

Day 5   (el primer de diciembre, viernes)  Go over the preterite tense of the verbs, and the spelling of the er/ir verbs,
Repaso el vocabulario con el WVVS U 4 set 1 and 2 of AR and ER/Ir verbs.
Unit 4 Sythesis 1: Listening day 2:  Students will listen to the audio and rearrange the sentence to match the audio.
 -er/ir verbs
Students will write their answers on their paper and translate the sentences.

Sythesis 1: Listening: 
Synthesis 3: listening:   

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