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Syllabus for Español I and II
Chapmanville Regional High
Señora Ashlee Vititoe Room 154 
School:  1-304-855-4322

COURSE DESCRIPTION              ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! – Welcome to Spanish Class!
Students will develop the basic communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. These skills will be strengthened through active class participation. Two high school credits are required for the professional pathway upon graduation, for University bound students.  By the end of the Spanish course I and II, students will meet the ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages which are identified by the following goals:  Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities. The course will also provide interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational skills needed to use the language properly.  Presentations and speaking of the language will take place often to prepare students to use the language. This is a performance based classroom.

¡Así Se Dice! Level I & II (2016) McGraw-Hill – High School Level Academic Elective
We will be covering the entire text in the course this year. This will include Lessons from Preliminaries to Chapter 11 for each book.

You are responsible for having the following materials in class each day. Failure to have to have these items will result in a deduction in participation/contribution to your own success points. The schools supply these items if students are unable to purchase items. You must let your teacher know that you need these items.
1. A supply of #2 pencils with erasers, or pen the color of your choice.
2. Notebook (or loose-leaf paper)
3. A two pocket folder with prongs/or three ring binder
4. Your ¡Así Se Dice! Workbook- keeping these in the classroom.
* Cell phones, and Smart watches are NOT allowed during assessments. You are only allowed to have them out if the lesson plans indicate their use.  Electronic devices are to be kept in your locker, or in your backpack on silence or vibrate.  I will let you charge your phone but not near your seat.

(teacher Lesson Plan website)
(school website for viewing grades)
(Textbook Link- ebook to use at home) will give this as soon as I get the master codes for it.

The goal is to create a safe, comfortable, clean, and productive environment conducive to learning.
1. Always aim for success: come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn. Missing more than 10 days of school does not give you enough experience to learn a foreign language adequately or effectively.
2. Always be polite: always raise your hand and wait to be recognized to speak, or get up from your seat, as it is my responsibility to maintain this class.
3. Always pay attention: listen closely to the speaker and follow directions the first time they are given (ask questions when you don’t understand). I will be using 90% of the class time to speak Spanish. My goal is full immersion. You must review the lessons and the vocabulary every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. Not coming to class prepared will cause you to get far behind and you won’t be able to understand the Spanish used in class.
4. Always be respectful: raise your hand to speak and never curse, or break the 10 commandments, bully, tease, use disrespectful words/gestures, or be a distraction for those around you. Also, be respectful of your environment by throwing gum into the trashcan before entering class, not writing on school property, putting materials back where they belong, trash in the trash can, and always cleaning up your area before you leave. Do not leave your stuff in the classroom.
5. Always take care of personal needs before class. These include things such as: eating, drinking (except water), grooming, and using the restroom or speaking with another student from another class. Please do not bring your backpack to this class. Leave it in your locker unless it is the last period of the day.
Tardiness is defined as not being in your seat when the bell rings. New Procedure and policy in effect for 2017.

Tests and quizzes will be announced in advance and written under STUDY on the board: To prepare you for the upcoming assessments. No retakes will be given. No extra credit given.
·        1 Multiple choice test given per chapter -25-35 points
·        1 Vocabulary quiz- You will be given the English; you will write the correct Spanish word.
·        1 listening Quiz, and 1 Reading quiz, and 1 culture quiz per chapter- 5-10 points Usually multiple choice
·        1 Speaking and writing assessment per chapter- This holds the most points 25. I posted the rubric for both in class and I will give you a copy to refer to.
·        1 midterm and semester exam for each semester: will include multiple choice, written and speaking portions.
·        Use the “Foreign Language I CAN STATEMENTS” to guide your study for the formative and summative assessments for this class. This is a performance based class. You must attempt to speak the language to learn it.
*I have the discretion to eliminate any assessment due to time conflicts or weather related issues.

**You will lose points for the following on a test/quiz: Incorrect spelling and grammar concepts that have been taught for the unit or from previously taught units, (including accents and incorrect articles) and not putting the proper heading of name, date, and name of assessment in the top middle margin of the paper- if given via paper/pencil. By answering “Yo no sé” will get you the least of points possible and will not save you from failure. Effective Communication is the goal. If you miss a quiz or test due to any absence, you will need to make it up on your own time. It is your responsibility to see the teacher to sign up for a specific day. All make up or missing work must be completed before school, during lunch, or after school.  If you are out for a length of more than three days, please contact the teacher to get the missing work collected and sent to you to keep you from getting too far behind.

Formative Assessments: 10-25 points  
Summative Assessments: 5-25 points
Homework/Practices: 5 points
Projects/Presentations: 25 points
Participation/Contributions to your own success: 40 points per grading period: Rubric will be given separate from this handout.

Formative Assessments monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning. More specifically, help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work.
Summative assessments evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark, often high stakes, which means that they have a high point value. Examples of summative assessments include: a midterm exam, a final project, a paper, a senior recital

Cheating will NOT be tolerated.
Any student caught cheating on an assignment, quiz, or test will receive a zero.
**And be written up and turned into the honor society director. The following are examples of infractions but not limited to the follwoing:
·        You and only you do the assignments and take the quizzes or tests.
·        You must never use an online translator for any assignment in this course. This includes before an assessment.
·        You will not use outside resources (Online Translators, cell phones, etc.), the student reference guide, or information from classmates on any assignments.
·        You will not copy or redistribute any part of the assessments in any way-electronically, verbally or on paper.
·        You will not open other browsers during assessments.
·        No graded assessment may be submitted from outside of the regular classroom setting or outside the presence of the classroom teacher or substitute teacher.

Cheating Acting dishonestly, copying, or using someone else’s work is an unacceptable educational practice. This includes use of an online translator.  
Plagiarism The act of taking someone else’s ideas, words, or writing, and attempting to pass them off as your own, or using them in any way without permission is an unacceptable educational practiceThis includes use of an online translator and copying/pasting from a website.  
Insubordination Refusing or failing to cooperate, and or communicating in a disrespectful tone or threatening manner, using inappropriate language and/or inappropriate slang, or using or referring to inappropriate media are unacceptable educational practices. I can refuse teaching a student who is insubordinate for 24 hours.

Homework is crucial to your success! Homework is your chance to make sure you understand, so take care with your assignments. Look up words you don’t remember/know and review grammar concepts when necessary. Come to class with questions!
You will have a daily homework assignment (since this is a high school level class, this may include a few Fridays)  All assignments must be completely done to receive credit. No partial credit will be given.
No late homework will be accepted for credit.  I will check homework either by taking it up for a grade, going over the answers in class or checking your notebook for a grade.
1 day absent-2 days to make up work        2 Days abs -4 Days to make up    3 Days abs-a School week (5 days)    

Each student will keep their notes with their bell-ringers. A Bell-ringer quiz will be given twice a grading period.  You are to correct your homework daily with a pen. When absent, you are responsible for checking make-up work, this includes Bell ringers.
If you have questions about the homework or something we did, ask me either before the class or after, not during class or when I am trying to take attendance.  Not sitting in your assigned seat will result in an absence from class. Be in your assigned seat.
You have one day to each day missed to get the Make-up work completed. I would rather speak to you about your missing work than your parents. Be adult and responsible enough to ask for it and know where to find it. All graded work will be kept in a folder for each 9 weeks so your grades can be seen if a parent asks for what your work.

Throughout the year, we will be doing special projects, presentations, and partner conversations. Your writing and speaking rubrics with set expectations are posted on the bulletin Boards.  There will be many opportunities to practice for presentations and projects that require students to speak and pronounce accurately the target language.

In class:
1. Pay close attention
2. Ask questions! Self-advocate and get what you need! I love questions and reward them, so ask away.
3. Participate.
4. Make an appointment with me when extra help is needed.
At home:
5. Study the vocabulary nightly. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn, so divide the vocabulary list into small nightly portions and study daily for a minimum of 20 minutes. Review past units to refresh vocabulary and pronunciation.
6. Pre-study grammar points before we start a new chapter.  Review past grammar points and read over the new grammar concepts before we work with them in class – your prior knowledge will make learning much easier!
7. Make homework valuable. Homework is an excellent study tool! Don’t just get it done, get it done right. Look up the words you don’t know. Do not use a translator to do your work ever! This requires more time on a daily basis, but studying for tests will be a breeze! -if you do this.
8. Tests: Studying for Spanish tests will be much easier if you follow the above suggestions.  If you try to commit all information to memory the night before, you will not have good results. Start reviewing for tests at least 3-4 days before. This way you have time to review all the information and ask me questions about anything you may not understand. Use the study guides given, usually a week before a test, to help you prepare. I will share with you several study strategies that are researched based and are effective only when used the right way.

Progress reports will be given as mandated by school policy. Requests can be sent via email to me. I will limit my frequency of progress Reports to once a week and only for specific circumstances as it can be viewed online in real time.  Zero’s in place of a grade means make up time is over, and student did not turn in work. My policy for communicating a student’s grade outside of the regular Grade Report will be to send a progress report detailing all gradebook information at the time of request.

I have read and understood the classroom syllabus and class expectations for Spanish I and II taught by Mrs. Vititoe.  I also know where I can reference a copy of this syllabus for future query.


As your teacher, I am committed to providing a safe, fun, and productive learning environment. You may email me as I check my email frequently. Please do not message me via LIVEGRADES (as it is only used for grade submission) or any other social media website, as I do not always log onto those sites and some are blocked on the school Wi-Fi.
I am very excited about this coming year! It is important that both students and parents be personally committed to upholding the classroom rules and policies. Please read this document carefully and sign and turn in the last page to acknowledge your agreement. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I prefer email, but you may also contact me via REMIND 101 application I will be using for communication and participation in and outside of the class.

Student Name: (please print) __________________________________________
Student Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _____________
Parents/Guardians Signatures: _________________________/____________________________
Do you prefer to be contacted by email or phone? _________________________
Please list email/phone number here: _________________________________

I want your child to succeed and have a new way to experience the world.  Please write any information below or on the back or send me an email with what you think will help me to better serve your child. All information will be kept highly confidential.
Thank you!
Ashlee Vititoe

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