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Spanish II Verbs 2017

Subject Pronouns
Yo –I                                                    Nosotros, Nosotras – We
–You                                                Vosotros, Vosotras -You all- Spain
Él, Ella, Usted -He, She (it),You (formal)      Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes -They, You all

SER- to be (Physical, Who you are, What you do, Where you are from)
Yo soy -I am                                                   Nosotros somos-- We are
eres -You are                                            Vosotros sois --You all are- Spain
Él, Ella, Usted es –He/She is,You are (formal)       Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes son --They, You all are

ESTAR- to be (Emotions, How you feel, Where you are right now)
Yo estoy -I am                                                          Nosotros estamos – We are
estás  -You are                                                    Vosotros estáis- You all are
Él, Ella, Usted está –He,she, it, is/You (formal) are           Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes están-They/You all are

Regular Verb Conjugation: endings
  AR verbs                                    ER Verbs                                   Ir Verbs
-o       -amos                               -o       -emos                               -o       -imos
-as     -áis                                   -es     -éis                                   -es     -ís
-a       -an                                   -e       -en                                   -e       -en

1.     Take off the -AR, ER, or IR of the verb.
2.     Take the stem and add the ending that matches the subject you want to use.
Example:   Hablar
                    The stem àHabl-
                    Stick on the endings from the chart that agree with the subject.

AR verb: Hablar- to speak/talk
Yo ---Hablo I speak           Nosotros(as)-Hablamos We Speak
Tú---Hablas You speak     Vosotros(as)---Habláis  You all speak (spn)
Él, Ella, Usted—Habla      Ellos(as), Ustedes---Hablan They/You all Speak

          ER verb: Comer – to eat
Yo --Como                        Nosotros(as) ---Comemos
Tú---Comes                      Vosotros(as)---Coméis
Él, Ella, Usted—Come       Ellos(as), Ustedes---Comen
IR verb: Vivir – to live
Yo --Vivo                          Nosotros(as) ---Vivimos
Tú---Vives                         Vosotros(as)---Vivís
Él, Ella, Usted—Vive          Ellos(as), Ustedes---Viven

Verbs you should know: units 1-10

Sacar una buena nota- to get a good grade
Aprender- to learn
Prestar atención- to pay attention
Hablar- to speak or to talk
Estudiar- to study
Enseñar- to teach
Escuchar- to listen
Practicar- to practice
U6-amar- to love
Ayudar- to help
Bailar- to dance
Cantar- to sing
Comprar- to buy
Limpiar- to clean
Mirar- to look/watch
Necesitar- to need
Preguntar- to ask a question
Tocar- to touch, to play (instrument)
Tomar- to take something, or to drink something
Trabajar- to work
U7 beber- to drink
Comer-to eat
Comprender- to understand
Correr- to run
Creer- to believe
Deber- to owe, must, ought
Leer- to read
*Hacer- to do/make
*Obtener- to obtain
*Parecer-to seem/appear
*Perder- to lose
*Poder- to be able/can
*Poner- to put/place
*Querer- to want
*Saber- to know (how)
*Tener- to have
*Ver-to see
*Volver- to return/go back
*Corregir- to correct
*Decir- to say/tell
*Divertirse-to have fun (REFLEXIVE)
*Dormir- to sleep
*Ir – to go
*Oir- to hear
*Preferir- to prefer
*Salir- to leave/go out
*Sentir- to feel sorry
*Sentirse- to feel ill, sick
*Traducir- to translate
*Venir- to come
Vender- to sell
Abrir- to open
Cerrar- to close
Cumplir años- to have a birthday
Decidir- to decide
Describir- to describe
Escribir- to write
Recibir- to receive
Vivir- to live
U 10 Dibujar- to draw
Bailar – to dance
Ir al parque–to go to the park
Pintar- to paint
Jugar a- to play (sport)
Relajarse- to relax (REFLEXIVE)
Montar en bicicleta- to ride a bike
Montar un caballo- to ride a horse.
Coser –to sow
Tomar el sol- to sunbathe
Navigar la Interent- to navigate
Sacar fotos- to take photos
Usar la computadora- to use the computer
Nadar- to swim
Cazar – to hunt
Pescar- to fish

Using 2 verbs
When you use two verbs you can conjugate the first and leave the second in the infinitive:
Yo necesito dormir- I need to sleep
Yo quiero saber- I want to know
Debo estudiar. I should study.

Reflexive Verbs
                          Reflexive Pronouns
(Yo)                              Me
(Tú)                              Te  
(Él, Ella, Ud.)                Se  
(Nosotros(as))              Nos  
(Vosotros(as))               Os  
Ellos(as), Uds.)             Se

Me divierto
Te diviertes      
Se divierte
Nos divertimos
Os  divertís
Se divierten

Estoy llevando- I am wearing. (Llevo….-  I wear or am wearing.. present tense)
Estoy bailando- I am dancing.

Unit 10-GUSTAR- to like
A mí me gusta- (to me) I like……       
A tí te gusta- (to you) You like….
A Él (ella, usted) le gusta- (to him) He likes
A nosotros nos gusta
A vosotros os gusta
A Ellos(as/Uds) les gusta…

 With an infinitve/ a single noun:
A mí me gusta el libro.   I like the book.
gusta leer. I like to read.

Used with more than one.
Me gustan el chocolate y el caramel.  Me gustan los dos.
Possessive Adjectives
mi/mis                        my
tu/tus                         your
su/sus                       his, her, its, your
nuestro/a/os/as         our
vuestro/a/os/as         your (plural)
su/sus                       their, your (plural)

Mi coche es nuevo. Mis amigos son buenos.

Demonstrative Adjectives

This/These (near speaker)
Singular           Plural
Masculine         este                estos
Feminine         esta                 estas

These/Those (farther from speaker)
Singular           Plural
Masculine        ese                   esos
Feminine         esa                   esas

That Over There/Those Over There (farthest from speaker)
Singular           Plural
Masculine        aquel               aquellos
Feminine         aquella             aquellas

More verbs:
Pedir: to ask for, request
Tener hambre- to be hungry (to have hunger)
Tender sed- to be thirsty (to have thirst)
Cocinar- to cook
Comprar- to buy
Beber- to drink
Tener- to have
Gustar- to like
Preferir (ie)- to prefer
Preparar- to prepare
Compartir- to share
Comer- to eat

E to IE Stem changing Verb:
     Querer—to like/want/love
yo                           quiero
tú                            quieres
él, ella, Ud.             quiere
nosotros/as            queremos
vosotros/as            queréis
ellos, ellas, Uds.    Quieren

Present progressive
“ing” of the verb

Estar +  Present participle          Present participles==”ing”

Estoy                                   AR- ando
                    Estás                                ER/IR – iendo

Hablar-à  Hablando
à  Viviendo

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